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So you're probably wondering who the person behind the website is. I'm Kaylee: a not so extreme couponer, food blogger, lemur & Lilly Pulitzer lover, hot pink wearing, Diet Coke addict who is obsessed with sparkles, shoes & sprinkles

I am a twenty something, life long bargain hunter who loves to coupon, cook and get great deals on everything in life. I consider shopping and spending time in the kitchen as therapy and in my dream world I get paid to shop and cook. Since I live in reality, I am currently a high school teacher at my alma mater here in South Florida and I am loving every minute of it. 

Wedding Day!
In 2010, I married  my best friend, Justin (cliche but true) after six years of dating and in 2011 we bought our first house and are now suffering through enjoying decorating and fixing it up to our tastes. 

Fun facts about me:
  • I am a third generation University of Notre Dame Graduate. My paternal grandfather, my dad, 3 of my dad's brothers and my mom's brother went to ND. My sister, brother, myself and six of my cousins also went there. 
  • I hate bacon, eggs, ranch dressing, red meat, and mayo. I have never had a hamburger and I never plan to.
  • I am obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer and wish I could afford to wear it everyday. 
  • Diet Coke is my coffee. During hurricane season I stockpile Diet Coke before I even think about water or batteries.
  • I have a deep love for lemurs, penguins, monkeys and all animals of the exotic variety. I have fed giraffes, been inside the penguin exhibit at Sea World, had dinner with Shamu and I have done THIS !
  • My dream is to put my toes in all 5 of the oceans of the world : )   Two down, three to go.
This is Kona. Yes, he is real. And I love him.

Email me: Couponingncooking@gmail.com

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